LimousinWe at Hawthorne Pedigrees, take pride in our Limousin herd which consists of the highest quality females from the most reputable of bloodlines such as:

Highlander, Mas Du Clo, Tltan ED, Manoir, Opus, Lumbylaw Nellie, Millbrook Tanko, Wilodge Cerberus, Ocean, Tigris plus many more.

We use a mixed breeding policy of both Artificial Insemination and our very own stock bulls to insure that our herd benefits from a range of genetics to suit every customers needs and expectations. Furthermore, we have taken considerable expense and effort to guarantee the betterment of our herd by only using the top AI bulls to maximise milk quality, calving ease, shape and docility.

In June 2012 we were very excited to welcome our newest stock bull, Glaieul-p, whom we purchased at the Brive La Gaillarde Sale in France. Glaieul-p is a son of the renowned Tigris whose characteristics are listed as an outstanding daily live weight gain of 1470g, a quiet temperament and easy manner, thickness of physique and easy calving. We believe that this new addition will be a valuable asset to both Hawthorne Farm and our customers also, when semen becomes available in Autumn 2013.

Health Status

Hawthorne Pedigrees are a member of the Signet Breeding Service which records the weight of all our stock including the young. We have also been a member of the AFBI Cattle Health Scheme Certification Standards since November 2010 which means that we operate a closed herd policy, with new animals being quarantined on a separate holding from our main farm enterprise for between thirty and sixty days as well as being fully tested before being introduced to our herd. We are currently on a one year tuberculosis and brucellosis testing interval. Moreover, we routinely vaccinate for Lepto, IBR and BVD and all our young stock are vaccinated against pneumonia. Hawthorne Pedigrees are registered members of the Northern Ireland LMC Farm Quality Assurance scheme.